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The perfect app for all your raffles and draws

Club Raffle is a unique random number generator that provides clubs, pubs,
schools, member based organisations and everyone who runs a raffle a fun,
professional and easy way to invigorate fundraising. Using Club Raffle will
save time and reduce problematic manual raffle draws. It's unbiased random
generator will select numbers or names from your specifications and display
them in a fun and exciting format for your members. Raffles, Reverse Raffle,
Members Draw, Last Man Standing, Bingo - multiple formats are available for
your lucky number or name draws, all customisable to your needs. Specify
your ticket numbers, reverse the order winners are drawn, automate the
entire draw so no user intervention is required.

Advertise your sponsors to offset the cost of raffle prizes, advertise
upcoming club events - it's all customisable with the simple to use options,
simply set and forget. Using the inbuilt screen saver, sponsor images and
banner advertising it will continue to promote your sponsors before, during
and after a draw.

Random selections are communicated to users with graphic animations that add
life to an draw. Club Raffle uses themes such as Golf & Lawn bowls with
additional themes added frequently. Club Raffle uses sound effects,
animations text-to-speech technology to read out winners either by name or

Club Raffle is used by clubs, pubs, schools and member based organisations
to assist in fundraising activities.

  • Computerized random selection.

    Animated presentation of selection.

    Select names or numbers from user specifications.

    Raffle draw can be completely automated.

  • This unique random number generator a fun, professional and easy way to invigorate fundraising.

    Club Raffle has been designed to provide clubs, pubs, bars, churches, schools and member based organisations the ability to modernise and simplify fundraising activities. The application will run a random ticket draw in the form of a Members Draw, a traditional Raffle or Reverse Raffle format. Load it onto your PC or notebook, plug in your projector or other big screen and run a professional and fun raffle for your members and raise funds at the same time. The application is available for FREE and you have complete control over the setup of each type of draw, that is to say the FREE version is not crippleware .. it is fully functional. When I created this application I was unable to find a suitable program on the web and those that I did find were basically 'crippleware' ... The only limitation in the FREE version is limited themes and no ability to promote sponsors during your draw. Club Raffle currently has 2 FREE themes available being Halloween and a Rainbow theme. More themes and advertising options are available with the professional version.
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    Club Raffle 3

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